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FeTi Cored Wire

FeTi Cored Wire Description

FeTi Cored Wire

FeTi Cored Wire is a kind of metallurgical material which is made by compressing cold-rolled steel strip as skin and then compressing alloy powder and other raw materials as wire core according to proportion. Good FeTi Cored Wire has the characteristics of no empty material and good smelting effect of the core. The FeTi Cored Wire has a wide range of uses, but it still has a lot to do in the steelmaking industry and has always been "favored" by steel manufacturers.

FeTi Cored Wire plays an important role in steelmaking.Generally, the method of using FeTi Cored Wire can be divided into two types: inner tapping and outer tapping. The inner-tapped wire coil can be directly fed into the ladle through the wire feeder and the catheter device, and the outer-tapped wire coil The steel bar is placed on the turntable of the pay-off device, and the FeTi Cored Wire is fed into the ladle through the wire feeder and the pipe.

In order to control the feeding amount and speed of the FeTi Cored Wire, the wire feeding machine is equipped with a display feeding length counter and a speed change controller to control the total length. The wire feeding machine is generally divided into single wire and double wire. It can also be fed in sequence of single wire and double wire. The wire feeding machine is small in size and flexible in use, which can meet the metallurgical material requirements of the ladle feeding process.


FeTi Cored Wire element index

For FeTi Cored Wire content should be precise, should according to the analysis and production needs, when purchasing that is suitable for the content of FeTi Cored Wire indicators, select experienced manufacturers of FeTi Cored Wire, do not covet petty gain, to ensure the quality of FeTi Cored Wire, enrich powder core without broken skin empty material leakage happens.

Types Main composition Diameter ThickStrip Content Weight Uniformity
% mm mm g/m %
CaSi Cored Wire Si55 Ca30 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230 2.5
FeCa Cored Wire Ca28-35 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230-250 2.5-5
Pure Calcium Cored Wire Ca98-100 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 125 2.5
CaAlFe Calcium Cored Wire Ca26-30 Al2-5 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 240 2.5
Carbon Cored Wire C95 S0.5max 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 150 2.5
SiCaBa Cored Wire Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 220 2.5
SiAlBa Cored Wire Si35-40 Al2-16 Ba9-15 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 215 2.5

Specific application of FeTi Cored Wire

In terms of the use of FeTi Cored Wire, steelmaking is the mainstay. The FeTi Cored Wire is mainly used for deoxidation and desulfurization in the steelmaking process. Compared with other methods of deoxidation and desulfurization materials, the FeTi Cored Wire is developed for the development of higher quality alloy steels and varieties of steel. FeTi Cored Wire can well improve the performance, plasticity, impact toughness, and fluidity of molten steel in all aspects of steel.

With the continuous improvement of outside furnace scouring technology, the wire feeding technology has been successfully developed. Feeding wire technology using FeTi Cored Wire has more advantages than dusting and directly adding alloy block, feeding wire technology can effectively put FeTi Cored Wire into the ideal position of molten steel, effectively change the shape of inclusion, improve the molten steel castability and mechanical properties.


How to use FeTi Cored Wire correctly?

1. Feeding FeTi Cored Wire into the steel, the reaction is stable and uniform, can avoid secondary oxidation, the inclusions float up fast, can accurately control the micro-element composition in the steel, and improve the qualification rate of molten steel.

2. Procurement should focus on analyzing the core content index of FeTi Cored Wire.

3.Strictly control the temperature of the furnace, the speed of the wire feeder and the interval time of the wire feeder.

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Manufacturer Introduction

Anyang Jinbeite Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd.has more than 20 years of experience in cored wire production,is located in the hometown of china oracle bone inscriptions -- the ancient capital of anyang, equipped with a professional laboratory, with serious, responsible, integrity business philosophy to create high-quality cored wire products.More

  • Name :FeTi Cored Wire
  • Model :FeTi
  • Size :0~50mm
  • Shape :write
  • Usage :stellmarking

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