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FeS Cored Wire

FeS Cored Wire Description

FeS Cored Wire

FeS Cored Wire is widely used in steelmaking and foundry. It can produce better effect than bulk metallurgical materials after it is put into molten steel or molten iron according to the production requirements.This is mainly because of the low melting point of the powder core. After wrapping the cold-rolled steel strip, the wire feeding machine can be used to insert it to a predetermined ideal depth. After melting the steel strip, the FeS powder can be quickly heated to the melting point temperature, so that it can fully react with the elements in the molten iron.Although FeS Cored Wire can accurately control the element content in molten steel, various indicators should be calculated according to production requirements when purchasing FeS Cored Wire, such as core weight, strip thickness, wire diameter, element content, etc., which should be paid attention to when purchasing FeS Cored Wire.


FeS Cored Wire element index

Through the analysis of the element index of the FeS Cored Wire, we can know whether it meets the production needs. However, through the manufacturer of the FeS Cored Wire by Jinbeite, we can customize the content, which often plays a targeted role in the smelting of special steel or some precision cast iron.

Types Main composition Diameter ThickStrip Content Weight Uniformity
% mm mm g/m %
CaSi Cored Wire Si55 Ca30 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230 2.5
FeCa Cored Wire Ca28-35 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230-250 2.5-5
Pure Calcium Cored Wire Ca98-100 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 125 2.5
CaAlFe Calcium Cored Wire Ca26-30 Al2-5 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 240 2.5
Carbon Cored Wire C95 S0.5max 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 150 2.5
SiCaBa Cored Wire Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 220 2.5
SiAlBa Cored Wire Si35-40 Al2-16 Ba9-15 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 215 2.5

Specific application of FeS Cored Wire

FeS Cored Wire contains two main elements, sulfur and iron. Although sulfur has certain harm in steel, sulfur can effectively improve the ductility and toughness of steel, which has a good application for the production of some special steel. Too much sulfur will have different effects on steel. The use of FeS Cored Wire can be slowly inserted into the feed machine intuitive detection of molten steel, the proportion of sulfur, iron addition is also important for the production of some special steel.For example some carbon steel is composed of iron and carbon alloy steel, summarizes FeS Cored Wire concrete application can be found, FeS Cored Wire used in steelmaking and casting makes element is more easy to control, and low melting point, cover an area of an area small, high absorption rate, therefore, in the production of special steel and castings, the application of FeS Cored Wire is very extensive.


How to use FeS Cored Wire correctly?

Many types of additives are added in steel smelting, and for different additives, their effects are different.FeS Cored Wire is a common additive in our lives. The order of adding and the method of use are also different from other additives.Only in accordance with the correct way of adding ferroalloy can better play the role of FeS Cored Wire,so how to use the FeS Cored Wire correctly?

FeS Cored Wire reacts more strongly with molten steel, so attention should be paid to calcium treatment operations, such as feeding depth and wire feeding speed.During the feeding operation, due to the high vapor pressure of the FeS Cored Wire, in order to prevent the natural evaporation of calcium, the FeS Cored Wire must be fed deeper.One method is to increase the thickness of the strip to prevent its premature melting from affecting the calcium release depth. Another method is to increase the feeding speed to increase the calcium release depth. The higher feeding speed enables the FeS Cored Wire to penetrate the slag layer and reach a certain depth, reduce the oxidation of Ca by the slag, and increase the effect of molten steel. The absorption of calcium improves the recovery rate of calcium.

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Manufacturer Introduction

Anyang Jinbeite Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd.has more than 20 years of experience in cored wire production,is located in the hometown of china oracle bone inscriptions -- the ancient capital of anyang, equipped with a professional laboratory, with serious, responsible, integrity business philosophy to create high-quality cored wire products.More

  • Name :FeS Cored Wire
  • Model :CaSi
  • Size :0~50mm
  • Shape :Wire
  • Usage :stellmarking

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