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FeCa Cored Wire

FeCa Cored Wire Description

FeCa Cored Wire

By mixing calcium powder and iron powder as the FeCa Cored Wire, the steel-making process has been promoted to a new level. Using the plasticity of cold-rolled steel strips, the calcium and iron alloy powders are wrapped and pressed into shapes by rolling equipment. In use, as long as the wire feeder equipment is used, the content of calcium and iron in molten steel can be easily and accurately controlled, so that the Ca-Fe alloy powder melts and decomposes at an ideal depth to produce a chemical reaction. This can not only improve the absorption rate of FeCa Cored Wire but also reduce the cost of steelmaking and effectively improve efficiency.

FeCa Cored Wire does play an important role in steelmaking. Generally, there are two methods of using FeCa Cored Wire: inner tapping and outer tapping. The inner tapping wire can be directly fed into the ladle through a wire feeding machine and conduit device, while the outer tapping wire rebar can be placed on the turntable of the wire releasing device, and the FeCa Cored Wire can be fed into the ladle through wire feeding machine and conduit device.



In order to maximize the effect of FeCa Cored Wire, the content index of FeCa Cored Wire should be controlled precisely. Different production requires different elements for FeCa Cored Wire. This is mainly manifested in several aspects such as strip thickness, powder core weight, and element content. Good calcium-iron cored wire manufacturers can usually customize the production of calcium-iron cored wires according to the procurement requirements. This is not only reflected in the service but also reflects whether the manufacturer is professional.

Types Main composition Diameter Thick Strip Content Weight Uniformity
% mm mm g/m %
FeCa Cored Wire Ca28-35 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230-250 2.5-5


FeCa Cored Wire is mainly used in steelmaking and casting two metallurgical industries. In steelmaking, oxygen in molten steel can be treated by proper use of FeCa Cored Wire, so that oxides float on the surface of molten steel, which is convenient for treatment, thus improving the purity of molten steel. In addition, the FeCa Cored Wire can effectively treat the harmful element sulfur in molten steel. Compared with other methods of deoxidizing and desulfurizing materials, the FeCa Cored Wire is developed for the development of more alloy steels and varieties of steel. The FeCa Cored Wire can well improve the performance, plasticity, impact toughness, and fluidity of molten steel in all aspects of steel.

With the continuous improvement of the scouring technology outside the furnace, the successful development of the wire feeding technology has been promoted. The use of the wire feeding technology using FeCa Cored Wire has greater advantages than powder spraying and the direct addition of alloy blocks. The wire feeding technology can effectively put the FeCa Cored Wire into the ideal position in the molten steel, effectively change the shape of inclusions, and improve the castability and mechanical properties of the molten steel.


Instructions for use

In order to better use FeCa Cored Wire, first of all, the required content index requirements should be confirmed before purchasing, and purchasing appropriate diameter FeCa Cored Wire for the existing wire feeding machine. When feeding the wire, the feeding amount and speed of the FeCa Cored Wire should be strictly controlled. The wire feeding machine is equipped with a counter to display the length of the wire and a controller to change the speed, so as to control the total length. The feeding machine is generally divided into single wire and double wire two kinds, also can single wire, double wire feeding sequence, feeding machine is small in size, flexible in use, can meet the requirements of ladle feeding process of metallurgical materials.

In addition, the temperature should be controlled on the way of feeding the wire, and the element content in the molten steel should be strictly checked to avoid too much or too little. Through the correct use of FeCa Cored Wire, the effect can often be maximized.

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Manufacturer Introduction

Anyang Jinbeite Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd.has more than 20 years of experience in cored wire production,is located in the hometown of china oracle bone inscriptions -- the ancient capital of anyang, equipped with a professional laboratory, with serious, responsible, integrity business philosophy to create high-quality cored wire products.More

  • Name :FeCa Cored Wire
  • Model :FeCa
  • Size :0~50mm
  • Shape :wire
  • Usage :Steelmaking, Casting

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