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Carbon Cored Wire

Carbon Cored Wire Description

Carbon Cored Wire

Carbon Cored Wire is mainly made of carbon powder as the core, and through the use of cold-rolled steel strip as the wire skin, through the professional pressing equipment pressing molding. Carbon Cored Wire is widely used in the two major metallurgical fields of steelmaking and foundry. The use of carbon cored wire in steelmaking can fine-tune the carbon element content in the molten steel. The use of carbon cored wire for production can effectively improve the graphite nucleation ability, promote the graphitization effect, and improve the flow properties of molten iron, thereby reducing the clogging of the water outlet and the white mouth of the casting. It is important to pay attention to the carbon content of the carbon-clad wire when purchasing. accuracy.

The content index of Carbon Cored Wire is not constant for one layer. Through the calculation of production requirements, the Carbon Cored Wire with the required carbon content can be obtained. In addition, the smelting of some special steel castings also needs to make necessary records of the weight of the strip steel and the weight of the powder core. Manufacturers that have their own wire feeding machine equipment should also ask whether the carbon cored wire manufacturer can produce the wire diameter of the carbon cored wire that they need.



The content index requirement is more important for the use effect of Carbon Cored Wire. If you are not sure which Carbon Cored Wire should be used, you can contact our customer service and quickly select the Carbon Cored Wire product suitable for your production through the guidelines. You can also ask for samples for laboratory testing. After satisfaction, you can purchase Carbon Cored Wires from Anyang Jinbeite.

Types Main composition Diameter ThickStrip Content Weight Uniformity
% mm mm g/m %
Carbon Cored Wire C95 S0.5max 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 150 2.5


If you know the steelmaking and casting process, then you must have heard of Carbon Cored Wire, which can be described as an important smelting material in steelmaking. We all know that pig iron and scrap steel are needed in steelmaking, which contains a certain amount of carbon. However, carbon cannot be accurately controlled in molten steel. At this time, the wire feeding machine is used to insert the carbon cored wire into the molten steel at an oblique angle of 45°, and the carbon content can be precisely controlled by a professional element analyzer. For the production of some steel grades with high carbon requirements, the use of Carbon Cored Wire is very useful, which can play a role in adjusting the hardness and willfulness of the steel.

The use of Carbon Cored Wire in casting can effectively improve the graphite nucleation ability, promote the inoculation effect, and have a good effect on improving the quality of graphitized castings. It can effectively improve the distribution form of graphite from A to B, promote the flow performance of molten iron, greatly reduce the occurrence of water outlets blocked by molten iron, and effectively reduce the white casting tendency.


Instructions for use

Many types of additives are added in steel smelting, and for different additives, their effects are different. Carbon Cored Wire is a common additive in our lives. The order of adding and the method of use are also different from other additives. Only in accordance with the correct way of adding ferroalloy can better play the role of Carbon Cored Wire, so how to use the Carbon Cored Wire correctly?

Carbon Cored Wire reacts more strongly with molten steel, so attention should be paid to calcium treatment operations, such as feeding depth and wire feeding speed. During the feeding operation, due to the high vapor pressure of the Carbon Cored Wire, in order to prevent the natural evaporation of calcium, the Carbon Cored Wire must be fed deeper. One method is to increase the thickness of the strip to prevent its premature melting from affecting the calcium release depth. Another method is to increase the feeding speed to increase the calcium release depth. The higher feeding speed enables the Carbon Cored Wire to penetrate the slag layer and reach a certain depth, reduce the oxidation of Ca by the slag, and increase the effect of molten steel. The absorption of calcium improves the recovery rate of calcium.

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Manufacturer Introduction

Anyang Jinbeite Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd.has more than 20 years of experience in cored wire production,is located in the hometown of china oracle bone inscriptions -- the ancient capital of anyang, equipped with a professional laboratory, with serious, responsible, integrity business philosophy to create high-quality cored wire products.More

  • Name :Carbon Cored Wire
  • Model :Carbon
  • Size :0~50mm
  • Shape :wire
  • Usage :Steelmaking, Casting

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