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AlCa Cored Wire

AlCa Cored Wire Description

AlCa Cored Wire

AlCa Cored Wire is a kind of metallurgical material known to everyone in the metallurgical industry. It can purify the sundries in molten steel in the process of steel-making, and make the molten steel have higher castability, so that the yield of silica-calcium alloy is high, the consumption of alloy and steel-making cost are reduced, and the economic benefit is obvious.

The AlCa Cored Wire is a new method of outside furnace scouring in recent years, which is widely used in the wire feeding technology of modern steel scouring. It is mainly used for deoxygenation and desulfurization in steelmaking, which can improve the performance of steel and improve the plasticity, impact toughness and fluidity of molten steel. It also has the characteristics of melting directly into molten steel and uniform distribution.

With the development of alloy steel industry, the great increase of good alloy steels and varieties of steels, and the continuous improvement of outside furnace scouring technology, the application of AlCa Cored Wire feeding technology has been promoted, and the feeding technology has more advantages than dusting and directly adding alloy blocks.


AlCa Cored Wire element index

Regardless of the production of any kind of smelted products, it is necessary to determine the element content index before purchasing the AlCa Cored Wire, and then purchase the corresponding products through the AlCa Cored Wire manufacturer.Excellent silicon-aluminum-calcium cored wire The core wire factory can provide professional customized production services.

Types Main composition Diameter ThickStrip Content Weight Uniformity
% mm mm g/m %
CaSi Cored Wire Si55 Ca30 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230 2.5
FeCa Cored Wire Ca28-35 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 230-250 2.5-5
Pure Calcium Cored Wire Ca98-100 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 125 2.5
CaAlFe Calcium Cored Wire Ca26-30 Al2-5 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 240 2.5
Carbon Cored Wire C95 S0.5max 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 150 2.5
SiCaBa Cored Wire Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 220 2.5
SiAlBa Cored Wire Si35-40 Al2-16 Ba9-15 13-13.5 0.4±0.2 215 2.5

Specific application of AlCa Cored Wire

AlCa Cored Wire is made of steel strip wrapped alloy powder. Its winding appearance is similar to the coil. Different from the cored wire used in the textile industry, the AlCa Cored Wire is mainly used in the steelmaking industry. Professional wire feeding equipment is used to insert the AlCa Cored Wire into the molten steel at an angle. After the steel strip is dissolved, the silicon aluminium-calcium alloy powder is dissolved in the molten steel to play the role of deoxidization and desulfurization. Aluminum can improve the viscosity of the molten steel and promote the flow performance of the molten steel.

Casting will also be used to AlCa Cored Wire, it can improve the inoculation effect, promote the chemical reaction between elements, whether in the ductile iron or graphite cast iron production AlCa Cored Wire figure are often appeared.

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Manufacturer Introduction

Anyang Jinbeite Metallurgical Refractories Co., Ltd.has more than 20 years of experience in cored wire production,is located in the hometown of china oracle bone inscriptions -- the ancient capital of anyang, equipped with a professional laboratory, with serious, responsible, integrity business philosophy to create high-quality cored wire products.More

  • Name :AlCa Cored Wire
  • Model :AlCa
  • Size :0~50mm
  • Shape :wire
  • Usage :stellmarking

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