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Most abundant CaSi Cored Wire content indexes

The most difficult thing in purchasing CaSi cored wire is that you don't know what content index the manufacturer has. It takes a lot of time to find different manufacturers and ask if there is a CaSi cored wire that is suitable for you, which seriously delays production. But in fact, many CaSi cored wire manufacturers have corresponding CaSi cored wire content index charts. According to these charts, we can clearly know whether the CaSi cored wire content meets our needs.

Model Chemical(%) Wire diameter Wire Thickness Wire weight Powder Weight Uniformity (%)
CaSi cored wire Si60Ca30/Si55Ca28 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 230g/m 2.5-5
CaFe cored wire Ca28-35 Fe67-72 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 215g/m 2.5-5
SiBaCa Si55Ca15Ba15 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 220g/m 2.5-5
SiAlBa Si40Al16Ba15 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 215g/m 2.5-5
Carbon cored wire C98 S 0.5 13mm/9mm 0.4mm 150g/m 150g/m 2.5-5
TiFe cored wire Ti25-40 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 240g/m 2.5-5
SiAlBaCa Si45Ca14Ba12Al18 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 225g/m 2.5-5

Careful observation of the elemental content charts of various CaSi cored wire manufacturers reveals that many are in general agreement.  Therefore, we provide the most abundant CaSi cored wire  index content chart, there is a need to purchase customers can purchase according to this chart I believe it will be twice the result with half the effort.

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