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FeTi Cored Wire for steel making

FeTi Cored Wire has the advantages of uniform composition and high filling rate, and is often used in the steel making process. when purchasing FeTi Cored Wire, steel mills should first understand the required specifications of FeTi Cored Wire before making a purchase. it is important to note that if you want to use FeTi Cored Wire, you must prepare a matching wire feeding machine.

FeTi Cored Wire for steel making

FeTi Cored Wire is widely used in the steelmaking process, the more common method of use is to wire feeding machine to insert the FeTi Cored Wire vertically into the steel liquid, to the desired depth, fully melted after the chemical reaction, the advantage of doing so is to effectively avoid the reaction between the added elements and air, slag, to improve the utilization and absorption rate of FeTi Cored Wire.

FeTi Cored Wire for steel making

FeTi Cored Wire is also widely used in the production of some special steel, it can effectively change the impurity inclusions in the steel form, effective purification of steel liquid, so that the steel purity to improve the quality of steel, and through the use of FeTi Cored Wire steel mills can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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