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FeCa Cored Wire Price

Feca cored wire price adjustment with the market situation, many people are not clear why the price of feca cored wire is changing very quickly, in fact, this is mainly related to manufacturers production costs and raw material prices.

FeCa Cored Wire Price

Used in the production of feca cored wire raw materials are generally quartzite, charcoal, etc., and the price of these raw materials are also changing with the market situation, in a period of high prices of raw materials, which means that the production cost of feca cored wire will increase, in addition to the production of feca cored wire manufacturers in addition to the cost of raw materials, but also consider the cost of energy consumption and labor costs. the current production of feca cored wire is mainly used in the electric frequency furnace, power consumption is very large, the rate of increase in electricity costs is also a factor affecting the price of feca cored wire .

FeCa Cored Wire Price

Want to purchase in the feca cored wire price is lower, then you need to stagger the raw materials and energy costs higher period, try to choose the off-season or flood period to purchase feca cored wire, so you can get a lower price of feca cored wire.

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