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CaSi Cored Wire Use

CaSi cored wire is a widely used metallurgical product that has a variety of uses in steelmaking deoxidation and casting. in the steelmaking process, in order to make the furnace temperature rise rapidly and reach a high temperature environment, oxygenation is usually carried out, but too much oxygen at a later stage will cause an increase in oxides in the steel, which will seriously affect the quality of the steel, so calcium silicon cored wire is used to deoxidize the molten steel.

CaSi cored wire Use

CaSi cored wire has the use of deoxidation in the steelmaking process, its internal rich silicon element, in the chemical reaction with the oxygen in the steel, easy to generate silica, and the reaction is more stable, to protect the safety of staff, CaSi cored wire has the use of purification of steel, in the use of CaSi cored wire deoxidation, obviously reduce the generation of oxides, change the form of inclusions in the steel, so that it floating on the surface of the steel, easy to clean. in addition, the calcium element in CaSi cored wire can be used not only as a deoxidizer, but also to treat harmful substances in the steel, effectively reducing the harmful elements in the steel.

CaSi cored wire Use

the use of CaSi cored wire in casting not only increases the number of eutectic spheres, but also improves the fluidity of the iron, effectively reduces the blockage of the outlet and decreases the tendency of white mouth of the casting, which is widely used in the production process of graphite cast iron and ductile iron.

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