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CaSi Cored Wire manufacture methods

CaSi cored wire is a commonly used metallurgical material. CaSi cored wire was used by many steel plants as early as the 1970s. Until now, CaSi cored wire is still a large target material purchased by manufacturers. The advantages of CaSi cored wire are recognized by many steelmaking manufacturers. In the actual steelmaking process,CaSi cored wire has many advantages and is an indispensable metallurgical material.So how does the manufacturer make the CaSi cored wire?

CaSi cored wire manufacture methods

If you want to make CaSi cored wire, you must first prepare the materials used. Generally, the raw materials of CaSi cored wire are silicon powder and calcium powder. The CaSi cored wire manufacturer mixes calcium powder and aluminum powder in proportion, and then Put them on the steel strip, and wrap the steel sheet with the mixed CaSi powder through a professional CaSi cored wire pressing machine so that it can be quickly formed. Of course, the production of CaSi cored wire is not so simple. First of all, the silicon powder and calcium powder are reconciled. Too much calcium powder will cause the content of calcium to exceed the standard. Therefore, the CaSi cored wire manufacturer should make the CaSi cored wire in strict accordance with the element content required by the user.

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