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CaSi Cored Wire for mild steel explanation

Mild steel is often used as a raw material for CaSi Cored Wire, and has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. The quality of CaSi Cored Wire produced by mild steel of different quality is not the same. Usually, CaSi Cored Wire manufacturers will use mild steel. Steel is used as the epidermis, which is inseparable from the characteristics of Mild steel.

CaSi Cored Wire for mild steel explanation

Mild steel has the advantages of good cold rolling, low melting point and good plasticity, which is mainly caused by many factors such as its internal carbon content is relatively low. However, these advantages are just suitable for the requirements of the wire skin of CaSi Cored Wire. The CaSi powder core can be easily wrapped by professional wire pressing equipment.Thus the CaSi Cored Wire can reach the ideal predetermined depth for chemical reaction in steelmaking and casting.

CaSi Cored Wire for mild steel explanation

Mild steel as the production material of CaSi Cored Wire also affects the market price of CaSi Cored Wire. When the market price of mild steel fluctuates, the price of CaSi Cored Wire will be slightly adjusted. When purchasing CaSi Cored Wire, the thickness and weight of strip steel commonly referred to are also closely related to mild steel.

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