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CaSi cored wire extension product introduction

CaSi cored wire is a common raw material in steelmaking and casting. It can have a good effect of deoxidation, desulfurization and enhancing inoculation effect. However, many people do not know that CaSi cored wire extension products are also very good. Some extension product not only has the effect of CaSi cored wire, but is even better than CaSi cored wire.

CaSi cored wire extension product introduction

No.1 CaBaSi Core Wire

CaBaSi Core Wire also have the function of the CaSi cored wire, but the barium elements promote the deoxidization efficiency, significantly reduce steel-making deoxidizing the amount of time, thus reducing the production costs, at the same time, effectively reduce oxide improves molten steel purity.And CaBaSi Core Wire in the casting is also a good nucleating agent, can effectively promote the number of eutectic pellets, reduce the production of white mouth.

CaSi cored wire extension product introduction

No.2 CaAlSi cored wire

CaAlSi cored wire is a good deoxidizer in steelmaking. A certain amount of aluminum is added to the CaAlSi cored wire to maximize the deoxidation effect during use, and at the same time increase the viscosity of molten steel, which greatly improves steel the form of inclusions in the water can float on the surface of the molten steel for treatment, effectively purifying the molten steel, and improving the quality of the steel. It is an extended product that is widely used after the CaAlSi cored wire.

CaSi cored wire extension product introduction

No.3CaBaAlSi cored wire

By smelting silicon aluminum barium calcium use grinding equipment will be CaAlSi alloy powder as wire core, the use of cold rolling belt as a line of skin, and through professional pressure molding line pressing equipment,CaAlSi cored wire compared to the lumps product has good absorption rate, the advantages of good effect, low rate of waste, is an extension of the CaAlSi cored wire quality products, is now widely used in steel making and casting process.

If you want to replace the extension products of CaSi cored wire for steelmaking or casting, then the extension products of the above three kinds of CaSi cored wire will not let you down, they not only have the function of CaSi cored wire, but also have other applications, I believe you will have a new understanding of CaSi cored wire.

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