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CaSi Cored Wire Applications In Steelmaking

CaSi cored wire is a type of alloy cored wire, which is widely used in the steelmaking process. The raw materials of CaSi cored wire include alloy powder and cold-rolled steel strips, which are pressed and formed by equipment. High-quality CaSi cored wire has the characteristics of no powder leakage, no seam, no false pack, and uniform powder core density, which can play a better role in the steelmaking process.

CaSi cored wire Applications in steelmaking

With the continuous improvement of steelmaking technology, the application of CaSi cored wire in steelmaking is becoming more and more widespread, it can deal with the oxygen and inclusions in the steel form, so as to improve the quality of steel, as the staff of the steel mill to master the application of CaSi cored wire in steelmaking is particularly important.

1. Application in the deoxidation process.

CaSi cored wire is rich in silicon elements, and silicon and oxygen are very easy to produce silica gas, using CaSi cored wire in steelmaking can significantly reduce the oxygen content in the steel, and the process is very stable, reducing the phenomenon of steel spatter, improve the safety factor of the deoxidation process.

2. Reduce the harmful elements in the steel.

The raw materials used in steel making contain a lot of sulfur, phosphorus, and other harmful elements, through the use of CaSi cored wire can significantly reduce the harmful elements in the steel, mainly by using the reduction of its internal calcium elements, chemical reaction with the harmful elements, the generation of calcium oxides, and make its oxides float on the surface of the steel for easy handling.

3. Reduce cost and improve manufacturer's benefit.

CaSi cored wire is not only cheaper than traditional steelmaking deoxidizers but also relatively widespread in the application, which can replace or reduce raw materials, thus achieving the role of reducing costs and enhancing the benefits of manufacturers.

Although CaSi cored wire is increasingly used in steelmaking, there are still certain limitations in its use, the need for steel mills to be equipped with its wire diameter to match the feeder, so you need to communicate with the manufacturer before buying CaSi cored wire to facilitate the use.

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