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Calcium Cored Wire

Calcium cored wire is an important smelting material for steelmaking, it can effectively treat oxygen in molten steel. When buying calcium wire, you need to pay attention to the diameter of the calcium wire supported by your wire feeder. In addition, you need to know important indicators such as strip thickness, powder core weight, calcium content, and so on.

Production process of calcium cored wire

  • 1. Prepare calcium powder
  • 2. Unwinding the steel strip into the calcium cored wire production equipment
  • 3. Loading the calcium powder into the silo, and the steel strip is wrapped with calcium powder through the equipment to form the wire body

Calcium Cored Wire

Classification of calcium cored wire

Calcium cored wire types are mainly divided into: CaSi cored wire, FeCa cored wire, Pure Calcium Cored wire, AlCa cored wire, and so on. Different types of calcium cored wire are not the same in the application of steelmaking, but they all have a good deoxidation effect.

Type of calcium cored wire

Feature of calcium cored wire

Calcium cored wire is rich in calcium. It is very simple to use calcium cored wire in steelmaking. It can be inserted into molten steel easily and accurately with a wire feeder. In the process of using calcium wire, the molten steel reacts less, so it effectively improves its safety and reliability, and the cost of calcium wire is very low, which effectively reduces the cost of steelmaking.

Feature of calcium cored wire


Calcium cored wire is widely used in steelmaking. It can effectively treat oxygen in molten steel, reduce the generation of oxide, and improve the morphology of inclusions so that they float on the surface of molten steel and are easy to handle. Calcium wire can also deal with harmful elements in molten steel, such as Sulfur, Phosphorus and other elements, calcium cored wire can effectively reduce the content in molten steel.

Application of calcium cored wire

Use of calcium cored wire

  • Step 1 Prepare matching wire feeder equipment
  • Step 2 Install the calcium word wire correctly on the wire feeder equipment
  • Step 3 By computer or manual control, the calcium cored wire is inserted into the predetermined depth of molten steel at a 45° Angle to fine-tune the elements

Use of calcium cored wire

The difference between using calcium cored wire and other materials

  • 1. Liquid steel agitation caused by the use of calcium wire reduces spatter and liquid steel aspiration
  • 2. Compared with other materials, the temperature loss will be reduced by 3-6, about 5~7℃/min
  • 3. Precise adjustment of the chemical composition of liquid steel
  • 4. To improve the inclusion and improve the purity of molten steel
  • 5. Lower price, simpler operation, better effect.
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